Shopping for Murano Glass Art and Jewellery, the frequently asked questions

The type of glass is greatly desired through admirers and collectors around the world. Authentic Murano glass is not just stylish décor, it is a great investment. Genuine Murano artwork does not reduce in value the method other glass pieces reduce. The value of real Murano glass has made glass art that contains its value eventually.

There are a few common questions that always come up when visitors desire to shop for authentic Murano Glass crafts. You can find our answers below, along with some tips and considerations.

Venetian glass was historically born in Venice, Italy, and only subsequently the production was moved to the Island of Murano, initiating the long tradition we know today. Here, the glass production is carried on in the historical furnaces by glassmakers that continue to follow the traditional techniques passed on for generations. The creations realized, with their guaranteed high quality, are an excellent decoration for the most elegant houses in the world still nowadays.

Traditional Venetian mirrors and collectible goblets have been wonderful and elegant decorative pieces and focal points for the most luxurious homes for centuries, while fine centerpieces, elegant sculptures and table lamps are priceless creations to decorate bedrooms, living rooms or any other rooms of your home. The decorated glassware sets will become instead a precious detail to surprise your guests at every dinner. Whether classic or modern, each object will decorate any space, adding elegance and luxurious touch to any home decor style. With their inestimable beauty, every art glass creation hand-crafted in Murano will make you the owner of high quality and valuable Made in Italy artwork.

Where can you buy Murano Glass Art and furniture?

Chandeliers, glass, vases and all Murano Glass pieces should be bought directly at the Glass Factories and Galleries in Murano island or from the Murano Glass authentic Certified Online Stores. www.muranoglass.store Is the world most reliable and professional website available on this field where you can buy stress free, have a good Experience and benefit of FREE Delivery.

How can I tell if its Murano Glass?

Try to find evidence of real gold or silver used in the production of the glass. Identify evidence of a hand-made piece. Murano glass is hand-blown, meaning there should be bubbles and asymmetrical qualities. Look for misshapen fish, clouded glass or bleeding colors

What kind of objects are made in Murano Glass?

You can find two main types of objects made in Murano Glass: beads used to make beautiful jewels and art pieces ranging from sculptures to vases, glasses, mirrors and chandeliers. There is however a big variety of the most luxurious objects made in the island today

How much does Murano Glass cost?

Murano Glasses Original price go from 100-200 euros for the most simple jewelry piece to possibly six figures for art pieces such as antique chandeliers, sculptures or mirrors for example.

How much does Murano Glass Art cost?

Murano Glass Factories produce entirely hand made art pieces such as chandeliers, sculptures, and vases which are pure art and request long hours of expert work. Prices are the ones you would expect for art and those who wants to buy Murano Glass Art should be ready to spend anywhere from a few thousand euros.

The prices for  Murano glass art vary according to several factors:

  • The techniques used to execute the piece. The more complex, the more work required, the more expensive the piece.
  • The brand you are buying—especially those of the most famous Murano Artists command higher prices than others because of the quality of their work and the long tradition behind their names.
  • The fact that the piece is designed or signed by a big-name designer as recently well-known fashion designers have designed pieces for some of the top glass producers. These signed pieces limited editions come at a premium.
  • The history of the piece is another factor determining the value of it. Documented antique in good condition, can be sold for six figures at auction, for example.

Where should I buy Murano Glass?

Because of the sea of fake Murano Glass, we recommend you to buy jewels or artwork only at trusted vendors.

You should buy Murano Glass jewelry directly at local artisans’ boutiques and workshops in Italy or at The Murano Glass Oficial OnlineStore www.muranoglass.store where you can find Only Certified and Guaranted Original Murano Glass from the best Artists in Murano. 

There are plenty of shops selling overseas mass produced products pretending to be “made in Italy” or in Murano Glass.

To be sure not to spend your money in the wrong place and to get the real thing you can buy directly from the Online Store and have the guarantee that you receive a certified original Murano Glass and if you are not entirely satisfied you will be refunded and or have your product replaced immediately no question asked.

How can I be sure that a Murano Glass piece is authentic?

The only way to be sure to buy authentic Murano Glass is to buy from official Certifieds Online stores or galleries in Murano. In fact, vendors of ‘knock out’ do not hesitate to lie about the authenticity of their product or to produce fake certificates of authenticity.

A very easy way to make sure you’re buying authentic crafts and authentic Murano Glass is to check Murano Glass Original Certified Online store www.muranoglass.store where Each product is entirely created in Murano island and guaranteed by the only Trademark of Origin established by Italian law.