Murano Glass

Luxurious and Elegant Murano Glass Selection

Murano Glass

Venetian glass was historically born in Venice, Italy, and only subsequently the production was moved to the Island of Murano, initiating the long tradition we know today. Here, the glass production is carried on in the historical furnaces by glassmakers that continue to follow the traditional techniques passed on for generations. The creations realized, with their guaranteed high quality, are an excellent decoration for the most elegant houses in the world still nowadays.

Traditional Venetian mirrors and collectible goblets have been wonderful and elegant decorative pieces and focal points for the most luxurious homes for centuries, while fine centerpieces, elegant sculptures and table lamps are priceless creations to decorate bedrooms, living rooms or any other rooms of your home. The decorated glassware sets will become instead a precious detail to surprise your guests at every dinner. Whether classic or modern, each object will decorate any space, adding elegance and luxurious touch to any home decor style. With their inestimable beauty, every art glass creation hand-crafted in Murano will make you the owner of high quality and valuable Made in Italy artwork.

Murano glass is not only suitable for decorative objects. Precious jewels like a glass beaded necklace or an elegant bracelet are original creations that will add style and color to all women. Perfect to complement any outfit, these fashion accessories are also beautiful gift ideas for a special event or an anniversary. In a wedding, these glass artworks will be exclusive wedding gifts to surprise both the groom and the bride. With their originality and quality, Murano glass is also appropriate to be a corporate gift for customers and suppliers of your business. The excellence and value of these art glass products will certainly make your business remembered.

Murano glass means uniqueness and exclusiveness: no blown glass object is completely equal to the others. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our glass artists, who will hand-craft every single creation. The characteristic production of the glass makes it possible for us to produce a tailor-made and custom-designed glass artwork for our customers, in order to fully meet their desires and requirements. Unfortunately, as any other art creation, famous Murano glass is subjected to imitation attempts. In order to completely guarantee the high quality of our products, only sells "Vetro Artistico® Murano" trademark of certified Murano products. Being the only worldwide existing trademark that legally certifies the original glass objects realized on the Island of Murano, it ensures that our expert glassmakers are following the ancient techniques and are using traditional materials.

Venetian blown glass surely plays an important role in home design: its traditional charm really makes Murano glass the best choice to decor your house, improving its uniqueness. Murano glass mirrors can, for example, be put in bathrooms to improve the atmosphere and make it undeniably more elegant. Also Venetian glass appliqués and lamps can be used to light up the room in a unique and absolutely original way.

Bedrooms are a perfect place to display and to appreciate the elegance of Murano blown glass's tradition: Venetian glass lamps are probably the best choice for this kind of room, but also mirrors and glass wall-lamps will surely enrich the design of your room.

Your kitchen could also be amazingly decorated with Venice's glass: in this case, blown glass vases can be a good choice. The variety of their styles really makes finding one that fits your kitchen an easy task. Also marvelous decorative hand-blown bowls and incredible decorative glass plates can be put in this room to make it absolutely unique.

Murano glassware can also make your house elegant and your dining room unique: Venetian glass tumblers and flutes will certainly light up your table and impress your guests. Centerpieces represent a good option too: Murano glass's tradition has a wide variety of these objects. From elegant Venetian glass decorative bowls and plates to colorful hand-blown decorative eggs: the tradition of this island really offers an incredibly wide range of differently styled centerpieces that can easily match the colors an the style of any room. The elegance of well-known Murano glass goblets will certainly add a nice and traditional touch to your dining room.

Even though Murano glass can fit every room in your house, your living room is probably the space that most highlights the artistic value of Venice's blown glass. Sculptures are a good example of glass objects that can be used to make your living room absolutely original. As for other Venetian hand-blown glass creations, hand-blown sculptures come in any shape, size, style and color, from the more elegant ones, that will add a luxurious touch to your room, to the most colorful and cheerful objects. Venetian glass lamps and wall-lamps can be used to light your living room up, adding a touch of traditional Venetian uniqueness to your house. Last but not least, Murano glass goblets and centerpieces (such as hand-blown glass vases, plates and eggs) can be used to make this room incredibly special.