BABA Colourful Murrine Murano glass vase - Murano Glass
BABA Colourful Murrine Murano glass vase - Murano Glass
BABA Colourful Murrine Murano glass vase - Murano Glass
BABA Colourful Murrine Murano glass vase

BABA Colourful Murrine Murano glass vase

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Multicoloured Venetian amphora-shaped vase. A Murano glass vase that brings joy and happiness to any home space. 

  • Width: 15 cm /5,91"
  • Height: 25 cm / 9,84"

Elegant Murano glass vase produced with the “murrina in piera” technique. The characteristics that make it so unique are the complex method of production, the colours chosen for the murrine, the shape; they all contribute to the beauty of this object, blending Murano glass tradition with modern, essential lines.

This multicoloured amphora-shaped vase will be eye-catching in any of your room and your guests will definitely notice its glory.
It is an original and particular hand blown glass vase to add a touch of style and a sense of freshness to your living room, coffee table or any other piece of furniture.

Its shape recalls the ancient Roman amphorae. This magnificent vase is produced through murrine glass technique, glass-blowing and finally, it is shaped by the expert hands of the master glassmaker.

Regardless of the place where it is displayed, it will always attract compliments thanks to its classic and cheerful design achieved through the hardworking process of glass blowing.

Whether you already visited Venice or not, having this piece of art in your house will allow you to live the “Venetian Dream“. By bringing into your house this authentic glass vase, which is entirely made in the heart of Venice, you can decor your house with an Italian lifestyle point of view, combining beauty and simplicity.

This product is handmade blown by some of the most famous Murano island glassmakers and it represents the emblem of this beautiful Island.

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